Employment Equity Policy

The company has employment policies that it believes are appropriate to the market in which it operates and are with the Employment Equity Act. They are designed to attract, motivate and retain quality staff at all levels. Equal employment opportunities are offered, without discrimination, to all employees.

CCK Labour and Transport taxi
Equity Structure
  • Black Company: Company with 50.1% or more Black Ownership (100%)
  • Empowered: 25.1% or more Black ownership (100%)
  • Influence: 5% - 25% Black ownership (100%)
  • PDI Directors with shareholding: 1 (100% of shareholding)
  • PDI Managers: 2 (100% of management)
  • Staff: 60 (100% of staff)
  • Affirmative procurement policy: Over 50% of the companies supplies are procured from empowered companies.